My Story




Hi, I'm Jan.


Many years ago, as the young mommy of a 17-month-old extremely busy toddler and a newborn who had his days and nights confused for several weeks, I became so sleep-deprived and exhausted that I became very ill, an illness that I didn’t fully recover from for many years.


After my children were grown, ending my career as a stay-at-home mommy, I had been in the corporate world for a few years when my first granddaughter was born in 2001. This precious little bundle rekindled my crazy love for babies and drew me into a new career as a nanny. A short year later, I received training as a postpartum doula. Building on the skills I learned with my own babies and the hundreds more I cared for as a nanny and postpartum doula, I developed a keen awareness and intuition that has enabled me to become so adept at soothing babies and meeting their needs, that I have been sweetly dubbed “the baby whisperer” by many of the families I've worked with.


Consequently, my nanny/doula/baby whispering journey kind of naturally evolved into a nanny/doula/baby whispering/sleep training journey, and before long, tired parents were inviting me to come help them sleep train their babies. I've been able to help many families  over the years, but I felt inadequate, knowing I would most likely one day be facing a family I had no idea how to help. I researched and read voraciously to learn more, and my quest for knowledge led me to Kim West, The Sleep Lady. I read her books and followed her for a few years, and eventually realized her program, like no other, would provide the knowledge and training I sought. I became a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach in July of 2017.  


Sleep training has become my heart’s passion. Because I know. Because I’ve been there.  Because I know how critical sleep is to our quality of life and to our ability to be the parents we desire to be. And because I know I can help give hope to exhausted, desperate parents, and help them and their little ones finally get the sleep they need. 


And In our Land of Nod, that floats my boat.